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ST. LOUIS, MO – September 5, 2023 – ThrottleNet says while many corporations are using various forms of artificial intelligence to protect their data and assets, AI alone is not the total answer when it comes to cybersecurity.


“AI-driven cybersecurity tools have surely become more sophisticated, incorporating natural language processing and deep learning techniques to improve threat detection accuracy,” said George Rosenthal, President of ThrottleNet. “Though now they can autonomously detect and respond to threats, drastically reduce response times and minimize the impact of cyber incidents, there are valid issues companies should know before wholly depending on artificial intelligence tools for data protection.”

Rosenthal said one concern is AI still produces errors such as false positives and negatives. “These systems can produce false warnings incorrectly flagging legitimate activities as threats, or false negatives failing to detect actual threats. This can lead to alert fatigue or overlooked warnings, weakening your overall security posture.”

He said AI created adversarial attacks are another worry. “Cyber thieves have their own artificial intelligence system that can evade your own AI-based security measures. They can create an attack, exploit vulnerabilities in AI models to deceive security systems, and make your program less effective in countering new threats.”

An over-reliance on automation can also become troublesome. “Relying solely on AI without human oversight may lead to complacency among cybersecurity teams. Human expertise is still vital to interpret and validate AI-generated results and address complex threats.”


Rosenthal said an IT firm highly experienced in AI tools and applications, such as ThrottleNet, can be a valuable partner in any cybersecurity strategy. He emphasized cyber threats are constantly evolving and AI cybersecurity tools must adapt accordingly. A team of highly skilled IT professionals can become a valuable resource.


“Partnering with a reliable IT service provider ensures you have access to a team of cybersecurity experts with the knowledge and experience surrounding AI algorithms and the latest threat landscape. They can help with any vulnerabilities dealing with the AI cybersecurity tactics and create cybersecurity solutions tailored to the unique needs of your organization. They can also provide proactive monitoring and real-time threat detection services. It’s why more and more companies are not only using AI but also relying on firms like ThrottleNet for their cybersecurity needs.”



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